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written & illustrated by Alexandria Gold

It hasn’t rained for a long time in the desert. The animals that live there are very thirsty. Fen, a fennec fox, makes friends on his journey to find water for himself and the other animals in the desert. 

From Teacher Created Materials

publication date: 8/2022


Gabriel and The Two Angels
written by Cheiri Lowry
illustrated by Alexandria Gold

Meet Gabriel and the two angels Sera and Cher to find out how they and many more angels work with you to fulfill your purpose and your dreams.  How do the angels assist us to live our purpose and dreams?

From BookBaby



The Man In The Moon and The Star Ponies
written by Cheiri Lowry
illustrated by Alexandria Gold

The Man In The Moon and The Star Ponies is the first children's book in a series of books dedicated to children being Unstoppable! Through an incredible journey to teach you and the children of the world about trust and love, the Star Babies and Star Ponies meet the Man In The Moon and The Wise Ones. Your adventure will be exciting as well as breath-taking.

From BookBaby


Stella the Starfish
written by Shaun Rawls with Sarah Moran
illustrated by Alexandria Gold

Stella the Starfish lives in the ocean with her family. She becomes curious about everything up on the shore, after learning about them at school. Her mother insists that Stella can never go to the shore because of how mean the humans are to starfish. The next morning, Stella decides to go to the shore, rather than going to school. Her decision becomes an unexpected adventure, but will it be everything she hoped it would be?

From Rawls Consulting, LLC


Oh, the Pawsibilities
written by Kelly Franco
illustrated by Alexandria Gold

Margo and her sidekick, Fin have been through six years of daring journeys and imaginary adventures together. Now, they must embark on the the most unfamiliar adventure yet - a new sister! Oh, the Pawsibilities shows us that some of the best gifts are ones that you can’t unwrap!

From BookBaby